accidentally opening a program that takes a long time to open so you have to wait twenty seconds to close it



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Creative Catharsis: Posters of Strange Client Quotes by Irish design duo, Mark + Paddy.

I found all of these hilarious. Some of them are almost a déjà vu of things I’ve heard clients say.

If anyone ever told me any of these I wouldn’t know whether to be mad at them or laugh at them.

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Ladies and gentleman, this is why font choice matters.


Ladies and gentleman, this is why font choice matters.

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Graphic Artist Rule 1


Always check your colors before you print.

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Making the print cut for my car has been a lovely test of figuring out solutions to problems that I never really think about in a day to day work setting. Like what if you have a vector that is a single color fill, but you want to fill the negative space in the body, but you still want to see the flowers between the dragon’s fringe? This stuff is what being a production artist is about. It took some poking around with tools that I don’t usually use, but eventually the problem got solved and it made things a bit easier for me for when I actually make the final production file.

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Witty ads that would get my attention and satisfy my intelligence.

"Grafic design? Come on, you’ll end up drawing advertisement for like, cars or something - and you don’t even like cars. You can’t make ad witty it’s just annoying."
Well now listen here you lil shit.

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a public service announcement

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